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Woman Somehow Resists Kurt Angle Love Sonnet

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You're forgiven if you've forgotten that Kurt Angle was once a serious athlete. In addition to being a championship college grappler, he won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


He's also received a tryout with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and was once though to be the man who would bring legitimacy to pro wrestling. So what's he doing on the Howard Stern Show reciting fractured love poems to Robin Quivers? Some things you need to know about this that I didn't:

• Angle is nuts, but apparently not in a fun Mickey Rourke kind of way.
• Quivers is Howard Stern's longtime sidekick.
• She's lost a bunch of weight.
• Angle played a racist prison deputy in the 2008 movie Chains.


An excerpt from a poem Angle read to Quivers:

I won a gold metal in the Olympics
they say I never have been beat
I am also a gold medallist in the sack
much better than vegetables and meat

We can go to the theater
we can roll around in the grass
we an get coffee at starbucks
but don't try to squirt it up my ass

Whoa Shakespeare, that'll do.

She turned him down, I'm told; quite a gutsy move for a newly-single girl. No Angle's no longer involved in the WWF, or the WWE. But he is a big star in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Not to mention New Japan Pro Wrestling. He also owns many colorful singlets.


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