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Woman With Bell's Palsy Has Awesome McKayla Maroney Halloween Costume

Yes, Halloween was almost two weeks ago, but Leslie Barrett's strong Halloween costume skills must be recognized.

Barrett posted this photo on McKayla Maroney's Facebook page, along with the reason why her costume was better than the other McKayla Maroneys you saw Halloween weekend:

Two months ago I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which means the right side of my face is temporarily paralyzed and I can only express emotion on my left. Last week at a party someone pointed out that I normally look like your "not impressed" face. I decided to incorporate my disability into my Halloween costume and dress up as you. This has hands down been the best costume I've ever had. It was the first time in months I got to look like I was intentionally making a face and it has helped me deal with the slow recovery a little better.


[Facebook | Reddit]

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