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World Cup Email Scam Promises The Most Awesome Party Ever

A forwarded email promises a South Africa private beach party with champagne and lobster, lions and elephants, and a DJ spinning house tunes who also carries a gun in case the wild beasts get out of hand. Holy shit, please be real.

Here's the email, as forwarded along by Señor Flandangles:

Dear Sir/Madame

My name is Chris Vibe and I have a simple question: are you by any chance coming to the 2010 World Cup in soccer, starting 11th of June and held in South Africa the Rainbow Nation?

I am something of a party promoter and if you decided to come, may I suggest you bring your whole dedicated staff including secretaries and all, for a perk/bonus of a lifetime for them.

Thing is, when you get a bit tired of watching soccer I offer you to participate in a party you never seen the like of. Party starts at 7pm.

Price USD 1100.-p/p.
You will be flown in on a private plane to a gigantic beach area with palm trees. Huge BBQ;s on the beach. All u can eat and drink incl. fresh lobster and champagne.
Crushed Mother of Pearl hanging in the air, glittering.
Sunset the size of Texas. A pier floating in the Indian Ocean with three night clubs. One with mainstream, one with rock 'n roll and one with tech-housemusic, (my favourite).
Party complete with celeb-mingling. Extra perk come midnight. CG Vibe, (me), will parade the "Big Five", lions, elephants, wilder beasts, white rhinos and cheetahs.

I will ride the biggest elephant with three lions in front of me, and perform two of my songs, " U can find love" and "Superstar", distributed by SONY MUSIC.

If the animals get out of order, me personally gonna fix it for you to enjoy watching.
I will have a gun that can stop an elephant, a whip and a dagger, Alexander style.
I will be half naked.

There will be no box office/ pay at the gate. Anyone who does not carry a paper copy of payment, your ticket, will not board the plane. Security immense.

Time slot 7Pm - flying back to your destination 6.30 am following morning.

The account number for your cash transfer is held by a Scandinavian bank and watched over by an authorized accountant firm. Please go to [SITE WE REMOVED BECAUSE IT HAS MALWARE] and check further.

Please Advise

Chris Vibe

Oh man, does that not sound like the most insanely great thing ever? But it gets better when you go to the site mentioned in the email, you're greeted with the cheesiest techno music video ever, and this special offer:

Yessir, the odds that you happened to enter this site because of a previous mail are 99%.

What you read in that mail is true. Anyone of you guys who are crazy enough not to have your cup filled to the brim come party night, can up the ante and stress the envelope to the limit by the following:

Instead of going home 06.30 you're leaving for a mini-mini safari arranged by our local agency. You will be equipped with a rifle shotgun and guaranteed a trophy wilder beast head that's conserved and delivered to you at the airport, for you to decorate your bedroom. The rest of the body for you to eat if you hungry? You yourself will kill and grill the wilder beast and then be flown to your original destination in . This adventure will set you back two big onespayable when we go cash


I almost want to send my $1100 as a reward for his creativity.

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