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World Cup Preview: Group G

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The World Cup is almost here! So that you aren't caught flat-footed, we're previewing each group, in no particular order, to explain why your team has no chance to win (you'll thank us later). Today: Group G! If you have any thoughts on a particular group, send them to Our operators are standing by.

France and Switzerland will invade Germany in two weeks. Enjoy the irony, folks. Also, enjoy Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, one of the handful of stars who make the World's Biggest Sporting Event must-see TV. Henry scored a goal in France's 2-0 win over Denmark on Wednesday in a World Cup warmup, a good sign for a team that is looking for redemption after a poor showing in 2002, when they were supposed to have a good shot at defending their 1998 Cup title. Your co-hosts in '02, South Korea, should also advance. But it's all academic to you, who will be rooting for Togo midway through their first match. As we mentioned before, it is impossible not to root for Togo. Might as well face it now. The vital statistics:


• Group G: France, South Korea, Switzerland, Togo.
• Our pick to win: France.
• Which means the winner will probably be: South Korea. (Two teams advance).
• No chance: Togo.
• Just creating a diversion so that they can steal your women: Switzerland.
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