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World-Famous Atlanta Strip Club Welcomes In A Little-Known Soccer Trophy For Some Booty Dancing

Photo: Kevin C. Cox (Getty)

Millions of young boys around the world dream of one day making it inside Magic City, Atlanta’s internationally renowned strip club. Very few of those dreamers imagine it will be success in America’s bootleg soccer competition that will bring them there, but, for dreams, ends matter more than means.

Fresh off winning the relatively obscure MLS Shiny Vase Trophy this past weekend, a handful of Atlanta United players proved as much last night when they were granted a place of prominence on Magic City’s hallowed dance floor. The strippers, who no doubt were previously completely unaware of the existence or identity of any of the soccer team’s “stars” until they stepped inside the door that evening, humored the players by showing the Shiny Vase a good time. From TMZ:


Here’s a photo of the dancers half-heartedly pretending to care about the trophy in order to coax a couple hundred more dollars out of the players, who must’ve been overjoyed at the opportunity to play-act like actual Atlanta big-shots:

So nice of a legendary Atlanta institution like Magic City to lend some of their shine to the soccer guys’ very neat little trinket.

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