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World F'In Champions May Get Expensive For Some Philadelphia Stations

Chase Utley's prideful "World Fucking Champions" speech at the Phillies parade could be costly to some local radio and television stations. The meddling FCC is now considering handing out fines for the October 31st slip-up which aired live to most of the Philadelphia area. Of course, the celebratory and light-hearted nature of Utley's speech didn't bother most Philly fans. (Most seemed more upset that Utley was dressed up like a horn player for a late night talk show band.) But a few — 26 to be exact — were not amused by the late afternoon f-word. The Inquirer's Michael Klein ran some of the complaints, where most of the authors of the letters sounded predictably aghast:

"This was not a casual slip. This was an intentional misuse and abuse of the public airwaves. . . . How am I to explain such profanity to my child?"



"It was embarrassing that he was allowed to do that and if there are no ramifications I will be furious. Is there no platform that is sacred anymore?"

Right now the FCC will not comment about what actions it might take against the networks that ran it. Utley, on the other hand, will not face any fines for his "fucking."
FCC Gets Some Complaints About Utley's On-Air F-Bomb []

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