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World Series Game Three: The Game That Time Forgot

Let's do some recapping for those of you who made the unwise decision of getting some of this "sleep" nonsense instead of watching one of the better World Series tilts in recent memory. The game started about two hours late due to the field being soaked in God's tears - guess it's not always sunny in Philadelphia! - meaning the first pitch didn't get thrown until 10:06pm EST, a full four hours after most of the fans in Tampa Bay had already gone to bed for the night. Appropriately, it was the oldest man in baseball who had the biggest night of them all. The 95-year-old Jamie Moyer easily had his best game of the postseason, out-dueling the fiery Matt Garza by pinpointing his pitches 2-3 inches on either side of the plate, right on the edge of the wide strike zone by umpire Fieldin Culbreth. Which isn't to say he was bad, that's just his strike zone. As the Baseballegencia say, at least he was consistent. The Phillies gave Moyer some breathing room right away in the 1st inning after a Chase Utley ground ball sent Jimmy Rollins home. Gabe Gross pulled a similar move in the 2nd with a sac fly to plate Carl Crawford, a moment that led to a hilarious Fox graphic a few innings later, recapping the score with the phrase "Gross Sac". However, the 1-1 tie was short-lived as Carlos Ruiz smacked a homer in the bottom of the 2nd, giving the Phightin' Phills a 2-1 advantage. After that, things got quiet for awhile until the clock struck midnight in the east. Minutes after midnight, Utley and Ryan Howard combined for back-to-back jacks in the 6th inning (something many fans in the Philadelphia area missed completely) giving the Phillies a seemingly insurmountable 4-1 advantage. But the young Rays wouldn't go quietly into the morning, chasing Moyer out of the game in the 7th by narrowing the gap to 4-3 following a kind call at 1st base and a couple of sacrifices. In the 8th, they completed their comeback when B.J. Upton legged out an infield single and decided to never stop running, stealing both second and third and getting home after a throwing error. It was knotted up 4-4 going into the 9th. We will now take a break to offer the following screenshot from Friend Max:


J.C. Romero quickly dispatched the Rays in the top half of the 9th, while the Phillies got started right away by throwing out the heavily-bearded Eric Bruntlett to take one for the team, getting to first after a mild beaning. A wild pitch sent Bruntlett to second, followed by a Dionar Navarro errant throw that sent him to third with nobody out. After two intentional walks to load the bases, Joe Maddon brought in a 5th infielder to try for the force-out at home. Carlos Ruiz stepped up and hit a weak grounder down the third-base line. Evan Longoria lunged and tried to make a heroic play - even though the ball was clearly going foul, a claim Tuffy disputes vehemently - and threw it over Dionar Navarro's head. Game over. 5-4 Phillies. Moments after the game ended, every Rays fans in Tampa woke up for their morning walk inside their local mall. They will once again be asleep tonight when the series continues with the Phillies leading the Rays 2 games to 1.

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