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“Make it rain” took on a more sinister meaning in Las Vegas Monday night, as play at the World Series of Poker’s Main Event had to be briefly paused due to a rain delay. Severe storms in the area—State of Emergency Alerts rang out on the hundreds of cell phones in attendance—caused a leak in the roof over the Rio Hotel and Casino’s Brasilia Ballroom:


According to a release from tournament organizers, 23 tables had to be moved to a different room, but play was able to resume:

With the heavy storm outside, water has leaked into a corner of the Brasilia Ballroom where playing tables were located. As a result, 23 tables are being relocated after dinner to the Amazon Room.

If you’re seated in Brasilia at tables 1-19, 24, 31, 38, or 39, your table will be in Amazon after dinner. These rerouted tables are located near the center of the room where the orange and purple sections meet on the left hand side of room once you enter.

All other tables are unaffected and players should return to the seat they were in immediately preceding the dinner break.

Play will resume at the end of the dinner break as scheduled (approximately 8:18 p.m.).

The Main Event began yesterday, and ends next Tuesday.

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