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We know that you, like us, have been on your proverbial pins and your proverbial needles wondering whether or not baseball commissioner Bud Selig would attend the game in which Barry Bonds destroys our collective faith in humanity by breaking Hank Aaron's home run record. Wonder no longer!

Advertisement's Jon Heyman, who's almost always immediately on top of this stuff, says Selig will suck it up and make an appearance. has learned that barring something unforeseen and drastic, Selig plans to be there when Bonds breaks the all-time home run record of Selig's longtime friend and Milwaukee mate Hank Aaron. While Selig's long-shot hope for the miracle to stop Bonds is all but extinguished, it's safe to assume that he wasn't shedding a tear over Bonds' me-first decision to skip out on his hometown Home Run Derby Monday night. However, word was that Bonds would have more seriously considered MLB's invitation had he gotten the clear idea that Selig really wanted him there through a personal invite. When Bonds' apparent interest in an engraved invite was relayed to someone with MLB, the MLB person said, too late, they've already got Matt Holiday to take his place.


While some say Hank Aaron's stance on this is wrong, we think it's probably a wise decision Selig bit the bullet and decided to show. Plus, it allows for the possibility that Selig, after the home run, will wave his arms in the air, call the whole thing a tie and send everybody home.

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