Worst Getaway Attempt Ever

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UFC champ-turned-whack-a-mole Quinton "Rampage" Jackson got himself into a bit of trouble on Tuesday, fleeing the scene of an accident, evading police, and then being arrested at gunpoint by Newport Beach police. Not only was our protagonist riding on rims at the end of the pursuit, but another sticking point in his brilliant getaway plan was that he had a life-sized photo of himself on the side of his pickup truck.

Driving with a flat tire believed to have been damaged in an earlier accident on the 55 Freeway, Jackson was seen talking on his cellphone, crossing street dividers and twice driving onto sidewalks that "caused pedestrians to dive out of the way," Dondero said. "He was ignoring sirens, and ran several red lights before finally being detained," with a shredded tire at 18th Street and Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach.

Dondero said there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs contributing to Jackson's driving. "Why he did it, I don't know," Dondero said.

Story of the photos you see above and below: This guy sees Rampage Jackson being arrested in front of his house, and within moments he's on a UFC message board telling everyone, and then his photos show up on TMZ about an hour later. What an awesome technological world we live in.


And who would have thought that losing to Forrest Griffin would have begun such a dramatic downward spiral?


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