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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Would Anyone Else Like To Humiliate The Knicks This Week?

Illustration for article titled Would Anyone Else Like To Humiliate The Knicks This Week?

Kobe Bryant scored 61 on Monday. LeBron James put up 52 and a triple-double on Wednesday. What's next? Kevin Garnett scores 45 from inside a water torture cell?


The New York Knicks were pretty excited about this "Dream Week." Sitting just on the cusp of the eighth playoff spot and winning six of their last seven, they had three home games in five days against the three best teams in basketball—the Lakers, the Cavaliers, and the Celtics. So far they are oh-for-two with two ridiculous star performances too boot. And it's even worse because it happened at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, which makes it more significant because there was a circus there once.


It's also another chapter in the current "can you top this?" battle between Kobe and LeBron. Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni even seemed to believe that LeBron went for it on purpose, because scoring 62 would have been too simple or something. (It was the first triple-double since 1975 to also include 50 points.) And the Knicks still could have won! But they didn't. Because they are terrible.

But at least Knicks fans cheered for the Knicks this time! Except for Spike Lee. He wouldn't do that to a friend.

King James wears different crown [NY Daily News]

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