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Wouldn't Be A Final Flour Without Florida

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The wheels were very very slow to come off for Oregon. They fought and they battled, and they were in the game with under a minute left ... but it always sort of felt like a slow death march for the Ducks, as you knew that foul trouble and Florida's advantage in the paint would kill them at some point. God, it seems like it's been years since we've had a Final Four without Florida.

Malik Hairston fouled out at 3:54, Marty Leunen fouled out with 1:24 left, Joevan Catron fouled out with :47 left, and Aaron Brooks played most of the second half with four fouls. It's not that Oregon played poorly — well, except for Tajuan Porter, whose jumpshots, for most of the game, seemed to be allergic to the net — they just didn't have enough to mess with Florida. Porter was 2-12 from the floor and was called for a travel on one of Oregon's last opportunities with under 9 seconds to play. Poor little guy.

Brooks finished with 27 for Oregon, and game MVP Lee Humphrey racked up 23 for Florida. Joakim Noah chipped in 14 points and 13 boards for the Gators, too.


It sets up a UCLA/Florida Final Four rematch. The other Final Four game will be Ohio State vs. either Carolina or Georgetown, which is starting any second now.

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