Wrestling Confronts The "Finger Up The Ass" Menace

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A perfectly legal move has landed a high school wrestler in court, charged with a sex crime. What exactly constitutes the feared but misunderstood "butt drag?"

In theory, it involves grabbing an opponent's behind to gain leverage when in a ground position. In practice, it often involves a finger or two slipping into the anus.


It's in the news because a California wrestler has been charged with sexual battery after using the move on a teammate during practice. (Three years ago, another wrestler was charged with rape after doing it to six opponents. He was convicted and sentenced to probation.)

The controversy has led to a number of matter-of-fact quotes that are giggle-inducing, like one coach who says the "checking the oil" part of the move isn't encouraged.

To think I'd ever instruct my guys to get on the mat and practice sticking their fingers in their teammates' rear end, it's stupid and ridiculous," longtime Fresno State wrestling coach Dennis DeLiddo said. "A butt drag isn't sticking your finger up a guy's [rectum]. That'd be illegal. That'd be counterproductive."


Then there's the executive director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association, who clarifies "it is never acceptable to insert fingers into the opponent's anus (regardless of duration)."

It's quite the dark, brown cloud hanging over wrestling. They've really got to knuckle down and come up with a solution before the competitors take matters into their own hands. Fisting joke.

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