To celebrate Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary, the Cubs painted a bunch of murals on the outer wall of the stadium facing Waveland Avenue. One of the murals, seen above, is said to depict Charles Lindbergh taking in a Cubs game in 1927. The only problem with the picture is that it wasn't taken at Wrigley field. It was taken during a White Sox game at Comiskey Park.

The error was spotted by baseball historian Floyd Sullivan, who was tipped off by the arched windows in the background of the photo:

After the game I returned home and examined a similar photograph I had considered including in the book. It's from the Chicago History Museum and clearly shows the arched windows in the background of a shot labelled as being photographed at Comiskey Park.

In addition, the facing of the upper deck, under the first row, is clearly that of Comiskey Park. In 1927 the Cubs were still building their new upper deck, and its facing did not resemble that of Comiskey Park.


Sullivan also provided a picture of what the stands at Wrigley actually looked like in 1927:

No windows! Dammit, Cubs.

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