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WSU Football Player Arrested After "Shoving Two Bottles Of Tequila Down His Pants" In A Daring Robbery Attempt

Washington State redshirt freshman Drew Loftus had a plan. He was "exhibiting signs of intoxication," so it was one of those plans, but it was still a plan: He would bide his time during the evening. Maybe have a couple extra drinks, to take the edge off. Wait until about 1 a.m—just when they least expect it. Walk casually into the Dissmore's IGA grocery store. Pick up some eggs—wink, wink. And then, when the time is right:

Pullman police said Loftus took the two bottles from the liquor aisle and attempted to hide them in the waistband of his jeans. He then purchased some eggs from the store.

Dissmore's employees noticed the tequila in his pants. The manager blocked him from exiting the store and notified police.

Loftus then attempted to return the tequila to the shelf, but Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant said it was too late.

"You can't get more possession than shoving it down your pants," Tennant said.

Loftus, notes the story on The Daily Evergreen, was transported to the police station without the eggs.


Now, for motive: What would a Washington State football player want with two bottles of liquor?

WSU Football Player Arrested At Dissmore's For Attempted Theft Of Alcohol [Daily Evergreen]

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