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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Wrestlemania XXIV is this Sunday ONLY. ON. PAY. PER. VIEW. and though there will be many bare chested (but totally hetero!) galoots offending the eyes with their useless male nipples while doing their sports entertainment thing, someone decided that just wouldn't be aboveboard to have them all out there in one roadside promotion in Orlando. And it's causing a bit of a stir.


The Orlando Sentinel's Scott Maxwell did some serious digging into this ever-pressing matter and was initially told by the mayor that there was an ordinance that prohibited the public display of nipples of any sort, which turned out to be completely false, as be-nippled ads run on city buses.

But, yeah, way to strike a blow for equal right, WWE or Orlando, or somebody. If our Puritanical values preclude us from being able to see female aureole, then we certainly shouldn't be subjected to John Cena's possibly rapping nipples.

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