Wyoming Football Coach Suspended, Fined For Phenomenal "Mr. Fucking Howdy Doody" Tirade

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Dave Christensen's punishment was handed down yesterday for this, and it's rather steep: a one-game suspension and a $50,000 fine. The decision was made by the school's athletic director with the full support of the university president, according to a statement the AD issued that said some things about "values" and "integrity."

But I kind of love how the Associated Press summarized what Christensen did to merit such a hefty penalty:

Christensen confronted Falcons coach Troy Calhoun on the field after Air Force's 28-27 victory.

He accused the Falcons of faking an injury to their starting quarterback in the fourth quarter so they could set up the next play without taking a time out.


That's right: Christensen merely "confronted" Calhoun and "accused" him of some stuff. Which is a bit like saying John Chaney once exchanged words with John Calipari, that Hal McRae just didn't like some reporter's question one night, or that Lee Elia simply had a bad day that one time.

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