Crazy XFL play looks impossible to stop

For all its faults, this league has never been short on innovation

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The elusive double pass.
Gif: ESPN on FX

If you’re familiar with the XFL, then you know their goal is to be different from other professional football leagues. This has been their mission statement of sorts from the beginning. They don’t want to be a carbon copy of the NFL or USFL. They want to stand alone as the go-to alternative for football fans in the spring.

“We are proud to unveil the new identity of the XFL — a strong, dynamic, and modern look that embodies our vision of pushing football forward and unleashing the dreams that football makes possible,” said Dany Garcia, co-owner, and chairwoman of the XFL.


When Garcia said this last spring during the unveiling of the league’s brand identity and vision, it was tough to imagine how much different they could be on the field of play. Now that we’re a few weeks into the relaunch campaign, the XFL hasn’t completely set itself apart from the “competition,” but some of their players and coaches are putting forth the effort.

On Saturday, the Houston Roughnecks dug deep into their bag of tricks, pulling out a seemingly impossible play to stop. No matter the level, you probably won’t see a play like this in any other football league.


A double forward pass touchdown by the Roughnecks put them up 20-0 over the Orlando Guardians in the first quarter. Talk about going for the gusto. Houston wasted little time pulling out the trick plays en route to blowing out Orlando, 44-16.

While the play was exciting and weird to watch at the same time, you can’t say they aren’t at least attempting to be innovative and stand out in this oversaturated football climate. But plays like this may be stifled at some point, or certain rules altered because it’s going to be extremely tough to stop plays like this. Sure, people want to see points scored, but it gets a little ridiculous at a certain point.