In a major ruling for freedom of spoonerisms, a bar owner has won a lawsuit against the city of New Brunswick, N.J., which in 2011 denied him a liquor license for his proposed new bar, "Buck Foston's Road House."

The owner, Lawrence Blatterfein, is an avowed Yankee fan, and the mayor, James Cahill, a Red Sox fan. But fandom never entered into this—the city's defense at trial was that the bar would have been located at one of New Brunswick's busiest intersections and created a traffic hazard.

Blatterfein's countered that city officials told him the proposed name was "vulgar."

Blatterfein said the city's director of planning and economic development (Glenn Patterson), suggested if Blatterfein and Sorrentino "'change the name' of their restaurant and sports bar, the permit transfer process would be expedited and the city's attorney has also implied if plaintiffs drop their lawsuit it would expedite completion of the background check."

The judge apparently agreed, ruling for Blatterfein—though only granting him $1.5 million of the $10 million he was seeking. Blatterfein has since moved to Florida, meaning Buck Foston's will continue to remain a dream.


Club owner wins fight, $1.5 million verdict against New Brunswick in naming of sports bar []