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If you want a human face to put on the new, already-insufferable Yankee Stadium, you'll find none better than the smirking man at left. Meet Lonn Trost, a man of lordly disdain for the not-rich.


Earlier today, Trost, the Yankees' chief operating officer, discussed possible changes to the ballpark — excuse me, stadium — with the Associated Press:

He said no changes were planned to the policy preventing fans with tickets in other parts of the stadium from getting close to the field during batting practice. Seats in the first nine rows, called the Legends Suite, cost $500 to $2,625 and come with access to three restaurants and lounges. The area is separated from the rest of the lower deck by a concrete moat.

"There's an area by the Legends Suite which is not an area that fans can get into," Trost said. "If you purchase a suite, do you want somebody in your suite? If you purchase a home, do you want somebody in your home?"


No, certainly not. Some slob might scratch the teak.

I remain fascinated by this moat, which has quickly joined the likes of Tal's Hill and the Wrigley ivy in the pantheon of defining stadium quirks. Most teams go for some homey, red-brick, vintage Americana. Not Trost and the Yankees. They prefer feudal England.

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