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Yankee Stadium Is Not Real Big On Leg Room

Down in front?: Seats at the New Yankee Stadium will cost you an arm and a leg—which is perfect because you won't have any place to put them. [New Stadium Insider]

I thought they said Reggie Miller was "money": The Pacers are broke. No, I don't mean broken—which they are—I mean broke as in they've lost millions and millions of dollars. But at least they got nice uniforms out of it. [No Guts, No Glory]

Rugby: The classy violent sport: The Australian rugby league is having some trouble with "rape-y" players, which owners are wisely blaming on the salary cap. Is there any chance "salary cap" is Australian for "taser"?[Sports Rubbish]

Strong and silent: Memo to Greg Oden and Jay Cutler—sports fans don't really go in for the sensitive type. (Translation: mopey guys who don't deliver.) [Dan's Take]

Does that count as a hazard?: What's that big piece of metal buried under the 13th green? Oh, it's just my bulldozer. So that's where I left the thing. [Oob Golf]

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