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Yankee Stadium Looks To Be Going Down Without A Fight

Just to follow up on what Rick was saying earlier ... we don't think we're gonna have much reason to write about the Yankees too much longer. Once that All-Star Game is over, and we'll just have the Yankee Stadium elegies ... and then we can all go back to our lives. The Yankees looked deader than Dillinger.

The Yankees are in last place in the AL East — six games behind the Red Sox — and have the third worst record in the American League. Worse than that, though, the seem to have no potential signs of life; the bets made on the young starters have busted (so far), the lineup is banged up and old and no even even looks all that alarmed that they lost two at home to the Mets. You can't even get worked up about Hank Steinbrenner's cute yet vaguely disturbing attempts to do Larry David-esque impressions of his father.


But hey: You can always ask Joe Girardi a question.

It's just odd to see Yankee Stadium go out like this, right? The last home game of the season is September 21 against Baltimore. The Yankees still have another week of games after that. Imagine the Yankees, already long eliminated from the playoff chase, drifting through Toronto and Boston as their stadium in the Bronx sits there, waiting to be destroyed. Welcome, Joe Girardi!

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