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Yankees And Patriots Are Selling Fake Jerseys

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Okay, not the sports teams, but the more accurately described group — our soldiers — are being accused of buying fake memorabilia in Korea and reselling them.


The Stars and Stripes, a paper distributed overseas for American military and its families, reports that some members of the U.S. military are buying dirt cheap knockoff MLB, NFL, and NBA merch and sending it stateside so it can be marked up and sold for profit. And for a minute there I thought Steve Nash played for a team called the Nuns.

The reporters became suspicious when they bought a Jim Brown jersey for $15 labeled as "authentic" from a vendor near Camp Casey in Tongduchon, South Korea. And, see, it's totally not the same jersey that sells for $284.99 on NFL Shop. They noted it looked like a Reebok jersey, which sold for $125, which is getting closer to being not at all illegal. And yet ... the tag ... it says ... GASP!

The reporters found discrepancies in the jersey they bought and the unis on NFL Shop, including:

• A logo on the neckline
• Shorter sleeves
• Name on the back
• Jersey has three neckholes

Well, at least the first three are true. A simple Google search shows that Jason Chimera is actually a hockey player.

So, Korean authorities are not going after any particular soldiers involved in any jerseynanigans (loosely translated threat: "just don't do it anymore, m'kay?"), but I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL suspended them for six games apiece.


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