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We talked about this in our Times column this morning, but we repeat it here: Nobody handles losing worse than a Yankees fan. That's not meant to be a criticism; we wish we expected our teams to win more than we do. It's no fun, sometimes, waiting for the piano to land on your head.

The Yankees were thoroughly dominated last night, and, for once, they can't really blame it on A-Rod. Chien-Ming Wang was terrible, and the Indians are not a team you can be terrible against. Even if you do have LeBron James rooting for you. Kind of.


The New York Post was in rare form this morning, with "YANKEES SCALPED," "INDIANS MASSACRE BOMBERS" and, our favorite, "Chien-Ming Gong." (We're not even sure what that one means.) We don't think there's much reason to panic just yet; of all the teams behind in all of the series, we think the Yankees are in the best shape. Hopefully New Yorkers will be out of work in time to cheer them on today.

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