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Illustration for article titled Yasiel Puig Is Now Catching Baseballs Hit Toward His Teammates

For a week or so, it seemed like we couldn't go more than a day or two without mentioning Dodgers rookie sensation Yasiel Puig. He makes great throws! He hits home runs! He even takes fastballs off his face! But then Puig seemed to go quiet, even though he's still batting .425/.462/.712 and has managed to hit safely in 16 of his 19 games.


Ah, but yesterday in San Diego, Puig reminded us not to forget about him as the season progresses and the Dodgers continue to sink to the bottom of the NL West. Pedro Ciriaco led off the third by lifting a fly ball to right-center, and so what if Andre Ethier was drifting over to camp under it and make the grab? Puig was determined to get there first—and damnit if he didn't go flying right in front of Ethier to record the putout himself. Or, as Vin Scully put it: "Andre was all set, and—whoops, here comes the express." Yasiel Puig is so superb these days he doesn't need teammates.

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