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Yasiel Puig Is Probably Not A Fun Person To Party With

The Los Angeles Dodgers optioned Yasiel Puig to Triple A last week, and on Monday night he posted a bunch of videos of himself partying with his new teammates. The Dodgers were, predictably, unhappy about this.

I hadn’t watched Puig’s videos until today, because him hanging out on a party bus didn’t really seem like a story until the Dodgers got mad about it, but now that I have seen them I only have one take on the situation. That take is: Holy shit, Yasiel Puig seems like a nightmare of a party companion.


Look at him in that video up there! He’s going nuts, man, and not in a fun or charming way. At about the 2:00 mark, his teammates start looking more like prisoners than fellow revelers.

“AAARGAGAAAAAHHHGGGGGHHHAAAAAAGGGHHHH” - Yasiel Puig, at a party, for some reason.

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