Dodgers superman Yasiel Puig continues to impress, and his latest feat is taking a fastball to the face and managing to get up and take his base—something that eventually led to a big fight.

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It took the rookie slugger a while to recover, of course. Puig's 0-2 so far in the game, dropping his average to a pedestrian .471, but this is impressive nonetheless. He's so good he can even bend the rules of the game. The baseball that hit him, meanwhile, was sent to Cedars-Sinai for an MRI. [KCAL]


Update (12:27 a.m.): Ian Kennedy drilled Zack Greinke in the head, and this happened.

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That looks like J.P. Howell trying to throw D'Backs assistant hitting coach Turner Ward over the top rope. You remember Turner Ward from this:

Always unwillingly ending up outside the field of play, this guy. Also making an appearance: Mark McGwire, full of rage—and Don Mattingly brawling with Alan Trammell.