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Yasiel Puig Will Not Be A Distraction

You can always count on Yasiel Puig to keep things interesting, even on a cold January night in the deadest of baseball's dead period. Puig, your favorite hack columnist's favorite target, made light of the "distraction" label he is often tagged with by posting this photo on Instagram tonight and captioning it "I will not be a distraction #lmao #iwillnotbeadistraction."


The image seems to be a cropped screenshot of a cartoon from a Fox Sports article that ran last spring. While Puig is writing lines like a shamed Bart Simpson, from left to right that's Alex Rodriguez in a Bobby Valentine disguise, Derek Jeter waving to the crowd, Ryan Braun giving a (modified) Scout's honor sign, Clayton Kershaw sitting on a pile of money, Robinson Canó sitting contentedly, and (a cut off) David Ortiz with his champagne goggles flashing three World Series rings.

Never change, Yasiel, never change.

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