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Yeah, About That Versus Deal ...

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Far be it from us to imply that the NHL might have made a mistake aligning itself with a network as shaky as Versus, but ... well ... it's not a good sign when your network might be pulled off cable right before the playoffs.

We are very disappointed that Charter customers may lose VERSUS. We hope to resolve this carriage issue with Charter as soon as possible so that NHL fans don't miss any playoffs action, PBR fans don't miss any events in the coming weeks and so that field sports viewers don't miss out on the best field sports programming available. We hope for a quick resolution so that VERSUS viewers can continue to enjoy their favorite VERSUS programming. To contact Charter call: 888-438-2427.

Ah, the NHL. If the supposed most exciting postseason event in sports is not on television for anyone to see it, did it actually happen?

Call Your Charter Rep [Versus]

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