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Yeah, We Hate To Be The Ones To Tell You This, Vince ...

An amusing side note from the Nets' late-night last-second loss to the Clippers last night. The NBA All-Star starting lineups were announced last night, and our man Gilbert Arenas edged out Vince Carter — who almost always makes these teams — for the second guard spot in the Eastern Conference. When Carter was asked about it yesterday, he had a well-rehearsed response.

"I'm thrilled," Carter said. "It's always a great feeling to be selected as an All-Star and as a starter, so I'm happy."

Huh? Vince, you didn't make it.

"Hey, whatever," said Carter, who's been selected to start six times and has made the team seven times. "It's still an honor to be involved with it."


It's obvious just how much of a "great feeling" it is for Carter to be selected as a starter for the All-Star Game when he goes into his bored spiel even when he didn't make it. Seriously, he's thrilled.

Sorry Vince [New York Daily News]

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