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Yeah, Well, Kelvin Sampson's Still A Jerk

We couldn't possibly agree more with legendary Illini basketball reporter Mark Tupper, who said, "at no time did I think Illinois was going to win that very exciting, very emotional basketball game with Indiana." It was exciting, and we had hope, and we leapt across the room with Jeffrey Jordan hit a key overtime jumper, but we knew better: There was no way Illinois was winning that game.

In an awful, grueling season, every Illini fan told themselves going in: If they could beat Eric Gordon and that slimy Kelvin Sampson, the whole season would be worthwhile. Even the players felt that way; Illini point guard Chester Frazier's aggressive pregame bump on Gordon was completely classless and totally awesome. That it went two overtimes, and was lost on the old Illini saw of miss free throws, is just fitting; it might as well be as painful as possible.


Gordon's surely going to the NBA next year, and Sampson, being slimy, may have gotten himself and his school in trouble anyway, trouble that may come to roost in the next couple of years. So Illinois will likely not have the chance to boo Gordon all game again. It might be time to move on. Still sucks. At least our March will be more relaxed this year.

Heartache Find A Home With Illini [Decatur Herald And Review]

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