Bill Simmons mentioned it yesterday in his Page 2 column, and Clay Travis at SPiN on Sports brought it up recently, as well: CBS only shows a couple of games games per week in high-definition (and this week, just one, because I guess their other HD camera is busy showing La Toya Jackson upholding the laws of our nation), and that's not enough.

I just want to add my voice to those who feel like CBS should be ashamed of themselves. I'm watching a 70-inch flat screen at the bar, and I still can't get a decent look at the status of Ben Roethlisberger's goatee. I can't make out Igor Olshansky's tattoos, I can't tell how many hickeys Tom Brady has, and one of these days, Pac-Man Jones is going to cover a cheerleader in saliva, and I won't be able to tell what that is on her face. Do you want that, Jim Nantz? Do you want that, Roger Goodell?


So get your shit together, CBS, and come up with the funds for a few more HD cameras or whatever you need. If you can't come up with the money, sell Dan Marino. I promise you, no one will miss him.

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