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We do love a good athlete-journalist feud — considering it's rare that either species acknowledges the other as an actual human being enough to hate them — but there's something special about the bizarre "fight" between Chicago Tribune writer Eric Zorn and Chicago-born speedskater Shani Davis.

Zorn, back in February, chided Davis for being such, well, a weirdo during the Olympic Games, and a "writer" at Davis' Web site wrote an "editorial" that called Zorn a Nazi. (The "editorial" is the attached picture.)


More went on after this, but our favorite part of this story is that apparently someone claiming to be Davis' mother actually contacted Zorn's mom to make sure she saw the "editorial."

This is, of course, out of hand, an invasion of privacy, all that. But we still think it's kind of a brilliant idea. You're really not curious to see if Jay Mariotti was actually born of an earthly woman? What in the world is/was Skip Bayless' mom like?


Classy Local Speedskater Shani Davis Responds To Criticism [Chicago Tribune]

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