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Year In Review: December

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The year is almost over. All the magazines are doing year-in-review type stuff, so we figured, why should we be any different? Today we finish our look back at each month on the calendar, pointing out the weird/important/amusing stuffs that happened that month. And happy new year!

December 9: The Indianapolis Colts, still undefeated, watch as Lil' Ronnie takes down some haters.
December 15: Matt Leinart goes out and parties after losing the Heisman Trophy, is accused of aggressively hitting on a woman and lets it be known that he doesn't need to hit on random girls at bars, thank you very much.
December 22: Johnny Damon leaves the Red Sox for the Yankees. Boston fans handle the news with their typical restraint.
December 30: We look around the apartment. "Law & Order" is on. Northwestern's in a bowl game in a few hours. We need to take a shower.


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