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So we were thinking that, you know, the year is, like, almost over. All the magazines are doing year-in-review type stuff, so we figured, why should we be any different? Therefore, for the next 12 days, we will be looking back on each month on the calendar, pointing out the weird/important/amusing stuffs that happened that month. We are starting today with January, because that's the first month. Deadspin wasn't around until September, though, so if you have suggestions as for stories you want to make sure we don't miss, let us know at


January 4: USC hammers Oklahoma 55-19 in the Orange Bowl to win the "national" "championship." Later in the month, quarterback Matt Leinart returns for his senior year in order to break Wilt Chamberlain's 20,000-coed record and, of course, to party with Nick Lachey.
January 9: Mets general manager, continuing an obsession with financial responsibility that will last all year, signs playoff hero Carlos Beltran to a seven-year, $119 million deal. It's longer term than Minaya had desired, but hey, you're writing off that final year or two. It's all about the dominance you purchase in that first year.
January 15: Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger meet at the "Concert of Hope," a benefit concert for tsunami relief.
January 16: In an entirely unrelated development, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts fail again to defeat Tom Brady and New England.
January 31: The Illinois Fighting Illini celebrate their 100th year of men's basketball by trouncing Minnesota to remain undefeated. A yet-to-be-born Deadspin dances a rather violent jig.

So yeah. You get the idea. Tomorrow is February, so feel free to send your suggestions for the entire year. We're around.

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