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Year In Review: May

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The year is almost over. All the magazines are doing year-in-review type stuff, so we figured, why should we be any different? Therefore, for the next 12 days, we will be looking back on each month on the calendar, pointing out the weird/important/amusing stuffs that happened that month. Deadspin wasn't around until September, though, so if you have suggestions as for stories you want to make sure we don't miss, let us know at

Though you didn't know about us yet — since we started testing on this site, under the cover of darkness — we were actually posting a bit on Deadspin during the second half of May, though we didn't really know what we were doing yet. Watch us as we ease our way in.


May 2: Kellen Winslow does his best Dennis Hopper/Peter Fonda/Jack Nicholson. Poor Trent Dilfer: He'll be paying for that Super Bowl for the rest of his life.
May 12: Vikings running back Onterrio Smith is busted at an airport with a fake penis to help him pass drug tests. He will later loan this contraption, with modifications, to Vikings teammate Fred Smoot, for differing purposes.
May 15: The Detroit Free-Press finishes its investigation of columnist Mitch Albom, therefore securing his journalistic credibility and those of all ESPN talking heads who defended him. No one ever mentions this again.
May 25: Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez admits that he has been in therapy for years. The number of mother-issue related Fenway Park signs doubles.
May 29: Danica Patrick finishes in fourth place at the Indianapolis 500, proving once again that the popularity of IndyCar racing is indirectly proportional to its number of Y chromosomes.
May 31: ESPN's Chad Ford reports that Larry Brown will leave his job as Pistons coach to become ... president of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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