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Yep, Some Movie Or TV Show Being Filmed With The Use Of Generators In A Manhattan Neighborhood Still Without Power [UPDATED: Looks like it's an SNL skit]

The photo above was sent to us by a Manhattan resident who's still without power. It was taken at approximately 5 p.m. yesterday. That's Xavier High School, which is located on 16th Street in Chelsea. Says our tipster, who lives across the street and shot this from the 15th Street side:

They were shooting basketball scenes for TV or a movie in Xavier hs. Power not a prob for them. Incongruous. Can see into gym from our apt. They were actively shooting when I took this. Big shoot. Many trucks. Craft services even. Prob only folks in [neighborhood] who got hot lunch.


At times like this, it's all about priorities.

Update (1:47 p.m.): A reader named Joe who lives in the same neighborhood has more details:

I live on 15th and 7th and was walking home through that area around 10pm last night. I'm about 99% certain that it was SNL filming a digital short for an upcoming episode. The only person I could make out during my quick walk through there was Bobby Moynihan, who was walking back into the gym wearing his bball gear. The basketball jerseys were red jerseys that said Wozniak Knights on them which I assume is going to be some sort of Apple parody. Would've been nice if the crew asked if I wanted a hot cup of coffee as I was heading back to my dark and 40 degree apartment, but alas my girlfriend and I got watched intensely to make sure we did make a quick snatch at a granola bar or anything. I can't be too upset though since they lights they had on the outside did give us some comfort walking down the blacked out streets of our neighborhood.

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