Yes America, The K-Fuk Era Is Here

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Move over, Stubby Clapp. One side, Rusty Kuntz. There's a new sheriff in town. Cubs fans — and America — get ready to welcome Kosuke Fukudome to Major League Baseball, and into your hearts. The Japanese outfielder has agreed in principal to a four-year, $48 million deal with Chicago, which means that soon we will all have to learn how to correctly pronounce his name without giggling.

The Cubs are looking for a left-handed-hitting outfielder to take over right field and balance their right-handed lineup. Fukudome, who has averaged 29 homers between 2003-06, was limited last season because of bone chips in his right elbow. Cubs manager Lou Piniella said scouts have described the outfielder as a cross between Hideki Matsui and Ichiro Suzuki.

Whatever that means.

And now we must officially apologize for the sophomoric attitude toward this man's name. It's juvenile behavior, and we're better than that, quite frankly. It's now out of our system. (Hee, hee).


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