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Yes, You Could Call Him A Flutie Flake

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First of all, the term "unhinged Texas Longhorn fan" seems somewhat redundant to us. But let's proceed, if a day late and a dollar short:

An unhinged Texas Longhorn fan who blames Doug Flutie's televised analysis for the team's upset Saturday threatened the former football star and his family in an electronic mail message, police said.


Flutie, an analyst for ABC and ESPN, was working Saturday's game between the Longhorns and Kansas State, won by the Wildcats 45-42. What adds an extra helping of crazy to this story is that the threatening e-mail was sent to Flutie care of the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. We just get a kick out of that mental picture; wild-haired guy in his Longhorns' jersey, cursing because he has to pause to look up the word "autism."

Note to cops: We would also check the envelope for McConaughey's fingerprints.

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