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Yo, Canadian

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Apparently some hopped-up Habs fans thought they would take their trash-talking and intimidation techniques to new heights by desecrating the fabled Rocky statue just before one of the Canadiens and Flyers games. The culprit is this pig-masked individual, who appears to be part of some wacky Canadian morning radio show.

Here's the thing: Messing with the Rocky statue isn't that big of a deal. Besides some moronic old-fashioned South Philly stunods, most people who don't still live in rowhomes with plastic covered couches think this monstrosity needs to be destroyed anyway. I like Stallone, I like the movies, but that stupid cast-iron piece of pop art dogshit lost its sentimental appeal about 20 years ago and is more of a blemish for the city than anything else.

Honestly, the only people who would be really pissed off by this idiotic attempt at disrespect at this point are the Balkans. So, enjoy that war with Serbia — you might have a shot at victory over them.


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