York College Being Sued for Giving Wrestlers Herpes

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York College has been sued by three former wrestlers for letting a herpes type 1 carrier wrestle on the team and spreading his special gift to everyone.

"There's no greater contact sport than wrestling. It's intimate and prolonged skin-to-skin contact," says the head of dermatology at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ. No wonder roughly 70% of the York team contracted Type 1 herpes by the end of the 2006 wrestling season, according to one of the plaintiffs. And now the coach that let the original infected wrestler participate in practices and the school that employed the coach face at least $50,000 in damages for each wrestler involved in the suit.

As an aside, the NCAA has guidelines on how to avoid spreading herpes on the mat, but they don't have any pamphlets on how to avoid addiction to bowl game money. NCAA Publications, call us!


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