You Always Gotta Put A Body On Leon Powe

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We knew Henry Abbott had come a long way over at TrueHoop, but did you realize he was live blogging with Dr. Jack Ramsey?. How do you think they explain to Dr. Jack what a live blog is? Does he have any idea what's going on?

Anyway, we thought the Daily Dime summed up what went wrong for the Lakers last night in a quote from Kobe Bryant.

When Kobe Bryant took his turn on the podium, he admitted the Lakers have "got to do a better job focusing on personnel."


Indeed! The Lakers re-garnered a considerable bit of self-respect with their late comeback last night, but, still, either this series is coming back to Boston no matter what happens, whether via game or parade. The foul disparity has been massive, but that might have more to do with the fact that the Celtics are so much bigger than the Lakers than anything else.

We thought the Celtics were going to go down in five. Obviously not. But the Lakers are already in serious danger. Fortunately, Kobe is cussing. That should Andrew Bynum right quick.