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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

If you're like me, you've never caught a ball (fair or foul), but always wondered what it felt like. Well, this amazing video is probably the closest we're going to get.

YouTube user "dodgerfilms" seems to have found the sweet spot, somewhere in the first row of the bleachers in left-center at Dodger Stadium, judging from his numerous videos of snagging batting practice balls. But this one, from yesterday's game, appears to be the first one that really counts.


Again speaking on behalf of everyone who's never caught a home run, good on the cameraman for not giving in to peer pressure to throw the ball back. Who cares if a Pirate hit the home run? Those things are fucking valuable! Not in any sense that implies, you know, currency or objective worth, but still valuable.

Still though: you're over 13 and bringing a glove to a game? Maybe you shouldn't have made this video public.


I've received word from Daulerio that he's "still up," so we should have a full house tomorrow, though please hold off on the bright lights and loud noises.

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