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In the words of Sean Salisbury, "cancer blows." We couldn't possibly agree more, and, thankfully, someone's finally attacking cancer with the strongest weapon available: Kige Ramsey.


We haven't checked in on Kige in a while, and heavens, the guy appears to be doing well. How do we know? Because someone's auctioning off an appearance in one of his videos for $4,000.

It is my sincere belief that 10 years from now Mr. Ramsey will be considered a pioneer in the field of developing web concepts and their successful marketing to a global audience. Think along the lines of the spokesman a national sandwich company uses in their commercials.

The buyer of this item will receive the following:

1. Dinner with Kige Ramsey. This will take place at a mutually agreeable time in Mr. Ramsey's hometown of Russellville, Kentucky. (There will be another meeting option to follow). Feel free to pick his brain on sports or entrepreunerial ideas.

2. You will get to appear with Mr. Ramsey in one of his widely-viewed tapings to be broadcast over the internet on Youtube to talk about this auction. Feel free to remain relatively anonymous or step right up to the camera with your company apparel and get global publicity and exposure for you or your organization. The value of this opportunity far exceeds the cost of this auction.


The $4,000 goes to the Jimmy Fund, so it's for a great cause. Therefore, we remain flabbergasted that there have been no bids so far. You have until March 26.

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