You Can Draft A Fantasy Puppy Bowl Team

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We are only a month out from the sporting spectacle of the year: Puppy Bowl X. (The "X" is for eXtreme puppies. Also, "ten.") This year's edition will have a number of new wrinkles, but the biggest game-changer is the ability to play fantasy puppy football. Everything else on Feb. 2 has just been rendered meaningless.

Entertainment Weekly has a look at what's in store for this year's Puppy Bowl (as well as photos of some of the competitors). Here's the gold:

Fantasy Puppy League: Later this month at, the network will launch a fantasy draft, where fans can see profiles of all 66 players and create their team of competitors before the big game. On game day, you can keep track of how your players perform via stats on the screen.


Exactly what sort of stats will be compiled isn't clear. The Puppy Bowl does count touchdowns—sometimes—and calls penalties, but that's about it. It's not so much football as it is a bunch of puppies running around, drinking water, stealing each other's toys, and falling asleep. Which is wonderful! But not so conducive to statkeeping. Basically, it'll be a crapshoot. Just like real fantasy football!

Also scheduled for the Puppy Bowl: penguin cheerleaders, appearances from toothless six-toed dwarf internet celebrity Lil Bub, and a halftime performance from Keyboard Cat. Well, not that Keyboard cat. "The original cat ('Fatso') passed away decades ago." Man, that's depressing.