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Howard Eskin, a sports radio host in Philadelphia, is raising money in order to pay the fine for any Philadelphia Eagle who "takes out" Terrell Owens. The guy who sent in the tip didn't give a definition for "take out," but given the nature of the Philadelphia sports fan, I have to assume that a stretcher has to be involved. And according to the tipster, thousands of dollars have already been raised.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, not a lot of my energy goes into sympathy for Terrell Owens. But you know, I don't want to see the man actually injured. I just can't get behind someone finding a roundabout way to kinda put a price on someone's head. Even if that someone is Terrell Owens. Bill Romanowski, maybe. But not Owens.


The ideal thing would be for the guy to raise a lot of money, have no injury come about, and then give the money to charity. That way, the sports radio guy can get the attention he was looking for to begin with, someone who really needs the money can benefit, and the only people who lose out are the bloodthirsty Eagles fans who just want to see Terrell Owens in a neckbrace.

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