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You Can Lean On Him

So yesterday, it came out that San Diego Chargers safety Terrence Kiel was arrested by the DEA for shipping codeine-based cough syrup to Texas. The substance, which mixed with "either soft drinks or drugs" (two entities we wouldn't imagine to be so easily interchangable), creates something called "lean," which is big with young Southern rap culture because it makes the user disoriented, or "leaning." This is also a side effect of not having a V-8 but without the psychotropic qualities.

A pint bottle of lean can cost "between $200 and $325 on the street," which seems awfully expensive for, uh, cough syrup and a Diet Coke. But what do we know? We have no idea what the kids are taking to obliterate themselves these days; we miss the good old days of ether, highballs and syringes of heroin to the heart, frankly.


Kiel will miss this week's game and could be out for longer, though there's always the possibility that he will earn credit for discovering the secret recipe for the Flaming Moe.

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