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Some enterprising internetters over on the RealGM message boards have hatched a plan to corner the NBA All Star voting market involving cookies (not the kind you throw or use to torture). I'm a moron so I don't really understand all of their Internet Explorer speak but I have deduced that they are quite committed to their goal of voting Antoine Walker and Shane Battier onto the Western Conference's starting five. So why would anybody want to see Antoine in the All Star Game? Why the hell not?

why Walker?
a) he's a funny dude.
b) exemplifies the average american - lazy, overweight, and working just hard enough to collect his paycheck.
c) who doesn't want to see the shimmy in the 2008 all-star game?


Of course this is nothing new to some NBA stars, Gilbert Arenas has been known to stuff a ballot box or two. If you're going to waste your time voting for anyone you might want to follow the lead of the poster pushing for Damon Jones. You know he's just going to show up anyway.

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