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You Can't Divide By Zero

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Apparently, our DVR isn't working right, becaues we've yet to watch "Quite Frankly: Afterthoughts," the Oprah-esque "spinoff" featuring host Stephen A. Smith talking with his studio audience. It launched Tuesday, which is extremely frustrating to us, considering we went to see the show on Monday, just one freaking day too early. We would have loved to hang with Stephen A. and asked him some more questions. His eloquence about Mike Martz — "I DON'T LIKE HIM!" — still has us a little awed.


This begs the question, of course: If "Quite Frankly" is bringing in 0.2 rating at 6:30 — and that's the MAIN show, the one with guests and segments and conversation and so on — what kind of rating is "Afterthoughts" going to bring in at 12:30 in the morning? Can you have negative ratings numbers? Does the mere notion of the show make your television cry?

We're trying to come up with a real world equivalent to doing a spinoff of an obviously failing show, and we struggled with it. Maybe if "After M*A*S*H*" spun off into "After After M*A*S*H?" Or maybe, like, the Chargers drafting Ryan Leaf again? This might be its own thing, actually.

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