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You Can't Pick Your Teamates But...

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Thanks to reader Kenny for sending this poetic shot. Picking your nose is like sex. It's fine when you do it on your own, but it's kinda gross watching someone else do it.


It's good to be hanging out with you guys today. Don't forget to call your mom and wish her a happy Mother's Day. If not your mom, then your grandma, aunt, sister, cousin or any other amazing woman in your life who deserves an "I love you" today.

My mom deserves some of the credit for me being the sports fan that I am. When I was 7, I decided I wanted to play Little League. The town we lived in didn't offer co-ed baseball, only softball for the girls. I told my mom that I wanted to play baseball instead so she signed me up. When I showed up for practice, the coach told my mom that there was a mistake and that she had to tell me to play softball, at which point my mom laughed and said, "You don't know my daughter. Let her practice with the team and if she can't keep up, I'll put her in softball." The coach agreed and the rest is history. I became the first girl in my town to play on a baseball team and I loved it. So thanks mom, for teaching me at a very early age that I could do anything the boys could do. Except pee standing up. I'm still working on that.

We're gonna groove to some some Mary J. Blige this morning because I said so. Plus this song always makes me shake my booty.

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